Temperature (+Humidity) Sensor (YL-007WD/WSD-01A)

Special Price 496.800 đ

Model: YL-007WD/WSD-01A

Temperature (+ Humidity) Sensor(WD/WSD-01A)

1. Using MCU microprocessor technology to ensure stable and reliable product performance;
2. External NTC 10K precision temperature sensor (optional: built-in SHT10 temperature and humidity sensor);
3. Abnormal temperature alarm valve could be set :upper limit / lower limit (-35 ℃ ~ 110 ℃);
4. If there is difference between current temperature display and the actual ambient temperature, it can be corrected by the temperature correction function;
5. The built-in wireless transmitter module, can be linked to other wireless devices (such as control panel) when alarm;
6. With relay (NO / NC) output function, can be linked to other alarm equipment;
7. The low-power design, built-in 9V6F22 battery, optional: external 5VDC power supply.