Proximity Energy Saving PS20

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PS-20  Proximity Energy saving


PS-20 is a contactless proximity card reader. The main power can only be turned on by inserting the correct card instead of any other card-alike object.




When inserting card with correct data, it would be switched on.


Equipped with detector to check the door open/ close status.


Users can monitor the status and card number by RS-485 connection.


Set duration control when performing card encoding.


Compatible with access control system and proximity lock


Transmit data by infrared Terminal (PT-10) or by RS-485.


PS-20 detects and checks card data regularly to determine the supply of power.


After the card's been withdrawn, the power can be programmed to be delayed to stay on for 5 to 40 seconds.



PS-20 could be combined with CCTV and Hub.


System functions:


Card data transmission and room status display.



Scan and display data of on-line readers.



Read room information directly. (no polling time)



Single/ multiple readers setting and canceling via monitoring system.



Power supply/ cut/ reset functions.






Power consumption


Relay capacity

1A, AC 110V/220V

2A ,DC 24V

Light indicator

Red and green LEDs

Sound indicator


Memory capacity

600 events (including in and out)

Card specification

TEMIC card

Delay seconds


RS485 connection capacity Meas.

one for 8 port (32 set/port)=256sets


85× 85× 38 mm


77× 77× 50 mm