GSM+WIFI Alarm System (YL-007WM2FX)

Special Price 4.066.400 đ

Model: YL-007WM2FX

WM2FX_01_01 WM2FX_01_02 WM2FX_01_03Features:
WIFI + GSM dual communications security, automatically switch to GSM alert when WiFi signal is lost.
Can easily set up and operate the host through APP.
LCD display, support menu function.
Support Setting up host parameters through SMS / Phone .
Can set 3 groups of alarm number, automatically sending warning alarm to the preset number.
The probe can be configured into 10 zones, each zone can be edited.
Communication Standard: WiFi – IEEE802.11b / g / n
GSM — 900 / 1800MHz dual-band
RF — 433/868±0.5MHZ 2262/1527 protocol